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Blog posts and content

A few blogging facts and figures

A lot of clients I work with just don’t see the need for a blog – but it’s essential if you’re a business owner trying to build trust and credibility with your audience. And the fact that blogging / content marketing helps you get leads and boosts your Google rankings is appealing, too. We know that…

  • 60 percent of internet users read blogs regularly
  • 56 percent of marketers believe blogging / content marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses
  • Some studies suggest 7-minute reads attract the most attention, and more recent studies say longer posts get more organic traffic
  • Most people read blogs to learn something new, so there’s a great opportunity to educate your audience through your blog.


My blog writing process

What to expect when you work with me

From initial meeting to draft copy, here’s what my blog writing services look like in action.

  • Each new client I take on receives a quote for the work, a contract outlining what’s included – and an invoice (I charge a 50 percent commencement fee). There’s more about how I work on my FAQ page, if you’re interested.

    A lot of clients tend to opt for a do-the-lot package. This means I write your post and provide the title tags and meta descriptions for you to plug right into Yoast (if you’re using WordPress). I also include up to 3 x social posts and hashtags to make it easy for you to promote the post on your channels. And if you’d like web-optimised images to go with your blog post, I can supply those too. Too easy!

  • Over Zoom or phone, we’ll chat about the result you’re after, eg:

    • To bring targeted traffic to your site, attract new customers, generate leads
    • To establish yourself as an authority or expert in your space (or build your brand awareness)
    • To build trust with your audience and provide value to them (perhaps with expert interviews)
    • To educate your customers and teach them something they don’t know
    • To answer a question or serve an existing community.

    If you prefer to have a think and write it all down before we chat, fill out my briefing doc.

  • After our chat, I’ll come back to you with a recap. And, to make sure I have everything I need to write your posts, I’ll need you to supply:

    • A brief for your blog post(s) including topic and word count
    • Any brand voice guidelines you’d like me to follow (or links to websites / posts with a similar tone of voice you like)
    • The keyword / keyword phrase you’d like to optimise the post for
    • Supporting docs / info / links you’d like me to use as research
    • Whether you’d like me to interview you or an expert for the post
    • Any other key information I need to know.
  • Once I have your content ready, I’ll send you a draft so you can provide feedback. I offer 2 revisions as part of my price. I can also supply metadata, social media posts (to promote your blog post) and web-optimised images so everything is there for you to go live. This is something we’ll discuss at the start so I can make sure I supply it all in one package.

    Once your blog post is ready, you can upload it and hit that publish button. Now’s the time to promote your post on your socials, and I also recommend adding the link to your Search Console so Google can start crawling it right away. Good job!

Here are a few I prepared earlier

I’ve written blog posts for banks, builders, dating websites, kinesiologists, parenting brands and a range of others. Here’s a small selection and please note that most are not bylined (not unusual when writing blogs / content marketing for a client). To see a greater variety of bylined pieces, please check out my different portfolios under ‘Work’ in the navigation menu.


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