Business writing
Talking to business owners in different
industries is some of the most interesting
work I do. Here are some of my latest stories.

As a business writer in Sydney, I’ve covered a myriad of topics. Including how to run a better business… do a post-pandemic re-brand… or even (gulp) write a business death plan are just a few of topics I’ve been commissioned to cover recently. I also write a lot about freelancing, job-hunting and careers.

I’m usually hired by specialist magazines, business websites, digital agencies and recruitment agencies to do this type of work. Here are some of my business writing samples.

Starting + building a business
By Jove, it’s Jeeve Analytics
(Bite Magazine)
How to start and fund your small business idea (Westpac / Ruby Connection)
Rebranding a business in 2021? This is how to get it right (Officeworks Noteworthy)
The six powerful mindsets to help you build a bulletproof business (NAB Business View)
6 ways to support your cash flow in a crisis (Business Australia)
Managing online reviews (BITE Magazine)
Why job perks work (BITE Magazine)

Business / community
10 initiatives to pay it forward during Covid-19 (Business Australia)
The ‘experience’ economy – less stuff, more fun (NAB Business View)
Health hubs: The changing face of Australian healthcare (NAB Business View)
Bringing style to hospital gowns (Health Agenda)
After the fire (CSS F.A.T. Mag)

Business / careers
How to answer the strengths / weaknesses question in an interview (Frontline Recruitment Group)
How to buy regional this Christmas (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Why there’s no better time to upskill
(Ruby Connection / Westpac)
The rise of female tradies
(CSS F.A.T Magazine)
How to conduct successful remote interviews (Frontline Recruitment Group)
How to make yourself more employable (Ruby Connection / Westpac)

Succession planning if something happens to you (Vet Practice Magazine)
Managing aggressive pets (Vet Practice Magazine)
Community vet clinics (Vet Practice Magazine)
Feeding pets human food (Vet Practice Magazine)

Shaking it on social: Creating a brand identity (NAB Business View)
WOHO (Women in Hospitality (Restaurant & Catering Magazine)
Stress in the restaurant industry (Restaurant & Catering Magazine)
Creative catering / 100 Hospitality (Restaurant and Catering Magazine)
Keeping your dream alive (Restaurant & Catering Magazine)

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