Finance writing
From clearing debts to protecting
your cash flow, here's a snippet of
my work for a range of finance clients.

Home loans. Savings. Emergency funds. Financial abuse. Renovations. Rentvesting. Insurance. Buying property. If it falls under personal finance, there’s a good chance I’ve written about it.

I’m based in Sydney but work as a personal finance writer for companies around the country. I write for large and small banks, micro-lenders, insurance companies, real estate agencies and digital agencies. Here are a few samples of my work in this area:

Personal finance
Christmas-in-a-jar gift ideas (Newcastle Permanent)
Cash-strapped at Christmas? How to navigate awkward money conversations
(Ruby Connection / Westpac)
15 common finance acronyms to bookmark (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Equal Pay Day: Why it’s important and how to earn what you’re worth (Ruby / Westpac)
A guide to protecting yourself from financial abuse (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Teaching kids about invisible money (Newcastle Permanent)
Your essential guide to building an emergency fund
(Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Your essential guide to credit cards (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Consumer spending throughout Covid-19 (Newcastle Permanent)
Smart ways to spend spare cash (Newcastle Permanent)
Ways to manage debt (Newcastle Permanent)

Wills, probate and what to do when someone dies
(Real Insurance)
How to secure important documents (Australian Seniors)
Retirement road map: How to plan for a great retirement eBook (Real Insurance)
Busted! 4 myths about life insurance (One Choice)

Home ownership: The benefits of investing when you’re young (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Buying a home in 2021: What’s happening in the market (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Rent-vesting explained (Newcastle Permanent)
How to get a better rate on your home loan (Choosi)
6 hidden costs of renovating your home (Inside Out / Homes to Love)
Homeowners priced out of the market turn to renovation (Nine / Finance)
9 questions tenants need to ask their real estate agent before signing a lease (Antelope Media)

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