Finance writing
From clearing debts to protecting
your cash flow, here's a snippet of
my work for a range of finance clients.

Home loans. Savings. Emergency funds. Financial abuse. Renovations. Rentvesting. Insurance. Buying property. If it falls under personal finance, there’s a good chance I’ve written about it.

I’m based in Sydney but work as a personal finance writer for companies around the country. I write for large and small banks, micro-lenders, insurance companies, real estate agencies and digital agencies. Here are a few samples of my work in this area:

Personal finance
A guide to protecting yourself from financial abuse
(Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Teaching kids about invisible money (Newcastle Permanent)
Your essential guide to building an emergency fund
(Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Your essential guide to credit cards (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Consumer spending throughout Covid-19 (Newcastle Permanent)
Smart ways to spend spare cash (Newcastle Permanent)
Ways to manage debt (Newcastle Permanent)

How to secure important documents (Australian Seniors)
Retirement road map: How to plan for a great retirement eBook (Real Insurance)
Busted! 4 myths about life insurance (One Choice)

Buying a home in 2021: What’s happening in the market (Ruby Connection / Westpac)
Rent-vesting explained (Newcastle Permanent)
How to get a better rate on your home loan (Choosi)
6 hidden costs of renovating your home (Inside Out / Homes to Love)
Homeowners priced out of the market turn to renovation (Nine / Finance)
9 questions tenants need to ask their real estate agent before signing a lease (Antelope Media)

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