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My lifestyle stories have been published
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outlets. Check out a few samples below.

I started out as a lifestyle writer, which has taken me down a lot of interesting rabbit holes. I’ve interviewed sex therapists, dating experts, addiction specialists. I’ve gallivanted all over the world doing travel stories. I’ve talked to couples about their beautiful homes and written about all facets of renovating and interiors. I was even a movie reviewer for a decade, and have interviewed hundreds of celebrities.

A lot of the content I’ve written has been for magazines and newspapers but these days I’m increasingly called on to write content marketing pieces across the lifestyle spectrum, too. Here’s a mix of pieces I’ve written, separated into sections.

Read All About It (Dare magazine, Jan-Feb issue)
9 iPhone photography tips for beginners

End the embarrassment
(Dare magazine, Jan/Feb 2024)
Cold water warriors (Dare magazine)
The Top 5: Tackling type 2 diabetes
(Dare magazine)
Reset your immunity clock (Dare magazine, Jan-Feb issue)
Are you getting enough iron?
(Health Agenda)
Is it safe to use essential oils? (Choice)
The blood sugar diet series Part 1 and Part 2 (WYZA – the site’s most popular series of 2017)
Do you know how heart disease symptoms differ between men and women? (
How do you know when alcohol could be affecting your health? (Health Agenda)
Pre-diabetes: The big wake up call (12WBT blog)
Diets to your door (Good Health)

Do your little people have big feelings?
(The Inarra)
Can’t get pregnant? 5 possible reasons why (12WBT)
How much does it cost to start a family? Blog post and Checklist (Choosi)
Counselling during pregnancy and beyond: How to know when you need it and where to find a psychologist
(The Inarra)
Why is my toddler suddenly waking up in the middle of the night? (Babycenter Australia)
Managing the mental load of family life (HCF Health Agenda)
Time to eat! (Coles Magazine parenting supplement)
5 STEM arts and crafts activities to do with your kids (Officeworks Noteworthy)
How to talk about periods with your kids (HCF Health Agenda)
Separation anxiety: An essential guide for parents (Kiddipedia)

3 in the bed: How to baby-proof your relationship
(Junior Magazine)
Forging a new future after domestic violence (Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation)
What the sexperts wish you knew (Good Health)
Why we need to have a conversation about… death (WYZA)

Should you hire a campervan from Camplify or other rental marketplaces? (CHOICE)
10 great Aussie road trips
(Newcastle Permanent)
Review: Hotel Bourg Tibourg, Paris (International Traveller)
Review: Dean Street Townhouse (International Traveller)
From Venice With Love (Vacations and Travel)
Islands in the Sun (VIVE Magazine)
Hamlet with a Heart (Sydney Morning Herald)
Coming face to face with the jungle king (The Sun Herald)

6 things that can blow your budget when building a new home (Dream Scope Homes)
How to design an eco-friendly sustainable home (Inside Out / Homes to Love)
How to create your very own designer backyard room (Inside Out / Homes to Love)
A dream of going green (Lighthouse)
At Home: To the treetops (Inside Out)

All about the girl – Jessica Mauboy profile (Sunday Magazine)
Brothers in arms – Joel and Nash Edgerton (Sunday Magazine)
In My Own Words: Tex Perkins (Sunday Magazine)
Meet the locals: Brian Cook, CEO and director of the Geelong Cats (Antelope Media)
Glenhurst Gardens: Darling Point’s Singing Apartment Block (Antelope Media)

Film, pets + columns
Let’s talk money and Food for thought (Coles magazine pets insert – April 2021)
The best jump shares in horror (Roadshow blog)
7 action films that didn’t mean to make us giggle (Roadshow blog)
Dogs behaving badly: How to manage a training relapse (VitaPet)
The lost art of letter-writing (Sunday Magazine)
In praise of… a good cup of tea (WYZA)
In praise of… the 50-year-old brain (WYZA)

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