Frequently asked
Whether you're looking for info
about how I charge or what it's like
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How I work

  • As a freelance copywriter and content writer I work with digital agencies, banks, insurance companies, small businesses, corporates and not-for-profits to create web copy, content marketing pieces, lead magnets and more. Some of my past and current clients have included Westpac, Newcastle Permanent, Deck of Secrets, ACON, Destination NSW, World Youth Day, Village Roadshow, eHarmony, Mastercard, Nine and NAB.

    I also write for magazines, news outlets and websites. My features have appeared in CHOICE, the SMH, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sun Herald, Good Health, Women’s Fitness, Woman’s Day, CLEO, Dolly, Vacations and Travel, Reader’s Digest, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Foxtel Magazine, BITE magazine, Vet Practice, Restaurant & Catering and many others consumer and trade titles.

  • The first step is to fill out my client Q&A form – it gives me a bit of background about you, your project and your budget. We’ll then have a chat on the phone or via Zoom, where I’ll get more detail about the scope of the project so I can cost it accurately. I’ll shoot over a formal quote and if accepted, I’ll ask you pay my 50% commencement fee to lock your project into my schedule. I’ll also send you a contract to sign outlining all facets of the project, what’s included (and what’s not), deadlines and niggly legal bits. And then we’ll get started!

  • Welcome! I can help. I write content marketing pieces for banks, insurance companies, real estate agents – all kinds of businesses. Just fill in my client Q&A or drop me a quick line via my contact form to let me know what you need and we’ll take it from there.

  • Sometimes I can fit in small, quick copywriting or content jobs (very tight turnarounds may come with a rush fee of 25 percent). For most projects or features involving interviews, I need a deadline of at least 2-3 weeks.

  • I have wide networks and am happy to source interviewees and case studies or use those provided by the editor or content manager.


Let’s talk money

  • Project costs tend to vary widely, which is why I don’t list my copywriting rates here. However, if you see something in my portfolio that’s similar to what you need, by all means drop me a line for a rough estimate – or fill in my client Q&A form and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We can then chat about what I can do for your budget.

  • Usually the rates are set by the editor who commissions me, but I’m usually paid between 70c and $1/word.

  • It depends, but usually somewhere between $400-700 per piece (of around 600 words). I quote for these pieces based on the word count and the extras that may be required as part of the brief, such as:

    • Additional research and/or interviews
    • SEO keywords that need to be inserted
    • Whether metadata is included in the fee
    • Social media teasers and images, etc.
  • Absolutely. If you have a regular scope of work you need completed, a retainer is the best way to secure time in my schedule each month. Retainer fees are due on the first of the month.

  • I get it! It’s a minefield, right? Head over to Rachel’s List and download the pay rates report for some facts and figures.


Random bits and bobs

  • I do! I was a magazine sub-editor for many years and in recent years have completed copyediting and proofreading projects for the ECMS, Department of Juvenile Justice, Good Shepherd Microfinance, Random House and many more. Please contact me letting me know what you need and I’ll probably ask you for a sample of the job (so I can see what shape it’s in) before I give you a quote.

  • Yes. I can handle everything from the copy to the video scripts, image sourcing, captions, and sales pages. An online course can be a huge amount of work so my fees are worked out depending on how much is in your course curriculum – and whether you just need copy, or need me to project manage the entire thing including the tech side of things (if, say, you were looking at using a platform like Thinkific and wanted everything uploaded and tweaked for that platform).

  • Yes, I may be able to refer you to great freelancers in my network. Or, if you need me to bring a team together in order to manage your project, I can do that too. If you need creative skills or services I don’t offer, you can also post a job or a short gig via Rachel’s List, a jobs board I run that connects thousands of top-shelf creative freelancers with employers of all kinds.

  • I do (I built this one you’re on!), so if you’re after a simple WordPress site and copy, I’m happy to give you a quote. If your project is particularly complex, I can either refer you to someone more experienced than I am – or I can project manage the site build alongside my very talented developer and designer.

  • I run Rachel’s List, an Australian jobs board connecting job-seekers and employers in media, digital, PR and comms. It’s also a much-loved community for freelancers and offers a shop full of resources, regular masterclasses and co-working sessions, a blog and The Wrap-Up, a Friday night newsletter that goes out to over 4000 people.

    I co-host The Content Byte podcast with fellow journalist Lynne Testoni – our weekly episodes feature interesting guests and topics around content writing and freelancing. I also run Letter To My Ex, a website that’s popular with lovelorn humans around the globe.

    My true down-time is spent hanging out with my fam, floating in the nearest body of water, or thinking about what to cook for dinner!