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Need website copywriting services?

I write your SEO copy and supply mock-up

pages for an immediate look’n’feel.

Compelling conversion copy starts with research and strategy. We might overhaul your existing site, or plan the whole thing from scratch. Let’s chat and make a plan.
Discovery and planning stage
Copy decks are essential, but seeing HOW the copy might look on a mock-up is a thrill. And it speeds things up because it’s easy to see exactly what you want to tweak and edit.
SEO copywriting + mock-up stage
All packages include 2 x revisions so we can get it right before going live. And even if you want a different design, the mock-up can be a handy starting point for your designer.
Polishing and finalising stage


I’m your web copy word nerd

Why you need a website

The website projects I’m involved in are mainly for small or medium-sized businesses. Some realise they need a website and ask me to create it (which I can do, for simple sites), but I usually work alongside a designer who takes my words and creates a contemporary website with all the bells and whistles you need. They may also handle hosting and helping you go live.

You need a website because…

  • It’s your digital footprint, and and an essential part of your marketing toolkit.
  • Potential customers WILL try to visit your site before buying. No website? They’ll go elsewhere.
  • If your site’s optimised for the right keywords, it can send you leads and help you rank in Google searches.


My site in your hands

What to expect when you hire me for a website copy project

From discovery meeting to first draft, here’s how my website copywriting process works.

  • Most projects I take on begin with clients booking a call or filling out my quick briefing form.

    If we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll prepare a formal quote for your web copy project, a contract outlining what’s included – and an invoice (I charge a 25 percent commencement fee). Talk to me about my packages, or my FAQ page for more info on how I work.

  • Over Zoom or phone, we’ll chat about the result you’re after for your website copy.

    I ask you a HEAP of questions. You’re basically going to be grilled by a senior journalist about all the ins and outs of your business. Prepare to give me all the niggly details as to how things work, who your customers are, what their pain points are and why they choose you (over your competitors). We’ll also talk about your competitors and a whole lot more.

  • After our chat, I’ll need to compile what I need to get started on the copy. This might include:

    • Your brand guidelines
    • A tone of voice (ToV) document
    • Voice of customer (VoC) research
    • A style guide
    • Keyword research (essential, as it informs the copy on each page and your future content strategy)
    • Supporting documents / info / links / research
    • Any other key info I need to know
    • Transcript of our discovery chat.
  • With everything I need in hand, I get to work on the first draft of the copy. You probably won’t hear from me during this stage unless I have questions or need to clarify anything.

  • Once I have your website copy ready, I’ll send you a draft so you can provide feedback. This will be provided in two versions:

    • A copy-deck, which is separated into different pages. This includes questions, formatting notes, info about my process, metadata, the keyword the page is optimised for, the version we’re working on, and the copy itself
    • A monochrome prototype – which is a very basic look’n’feel of how the copy MIGHT look on a live site. (It might be different to the design you’re hoping to have on the final site and that’s fine – it’s not THE design. It’s just showing you how the copy is organised and structured on a live site).
  • I offer 2 revisions as part of my price, so you can track changes on the copy deck to make any alterations to the copy. I ask that you return your changes within 2 weeks.

    Once I receive any changes from you, I revise and resupply the copy and we review again. After the third round, your copy should be ready for approval, a professional proofread and to go live.

    Once you’re completely happy with the copy, you can give it and the mock-up link to your designer so they can get started on the actual site design.


Happy web copy clients

Here are some I prepared earlier

I’ve worked on a large number of websites for my own businesses and those of other clients. Here are a few screenshots to those websites.


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